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Directorate of Technical Education, Mumbai

3, Mahapalika Marg, Elphine Technical High School, Mumbai - 400001

The Directorate of Technical Education is supposed to communicate to all the Stand Alone Diploma and PGDM Institute (institutes not affiliated to Universities) regarding All India Survey on Higher Education of MHRD.
Please refer DTE Letter No. 3/IT/SH&TE/NUEPA/2012/15 Dated-20.03.2012| No. 3/IT/SH&TE/NUEPA/2012/91 Dated-24.02.2012| No. 3/IT/SHTE/NUEPA/78 Dated 21st October 2011| Survery Guidelines | User Manual - DCF-III | Announcement by Director, Higher Education

List of Institutes whose name are available as Stand Alone Institute in Maharashtra to be registered with Role as 'Institute-STB/DTE-Officer' . List of Registered and Approved institutes as on 31.03.2012 | 24.02.2012

The institutes affiliated to University should contact the University and submit the data to the University of all UG, PG and Diploma Programmes offered by institute.

news published on 09.12.201109.12.2011 - You are requested to download the latest DCF (I, II and III) forms before filling. Earlier downloaded forms may cause problem. In case you have filled and not able to upload, you are requested to send the form as email attachment to: sanjay.digi@nic.in and ruchika.gupta@nic.in

Steps to be followed by Stand Alone Institutes -

  • Power Point Presentation of the AISHE
  • Read the Instructoin for Filling the Data Capture Form (DCF) - III
  • The data is to be submitted by all the institutes imparting Higher Education. The institutes affiliated to Univerity are supposed to contact to the respective university and update the data. The instiutes in Maharahshtra not affiliated to university are supposed to submit the data to Directorate of Technical Education. Click here for the list of the institutes.
  • Open the Portal of AISHE (URL http://aishe.gov.in), preferably in Google Chrome, and clicking on 'New User' link.
  • The User has to register with Role as "Institute-STB/DTE-Officer" as User ID as 4 digit institute code asigned by DTE. This will help DTE to identify the institutes and support them.
  • "New User - Sample Registration". The institute schould Click on New User for first time registration.
  • Under "User Type*", the institute should click on "University/College/Institute Level" radio button.
  • The institute should select the "Role*" as "Institute-STB/DTE-Officer".
  • The Institute has to Select the "State*" as "27 - Maharashtra".
  • The institute should select the name of the institute amongs the list available.
  • If the name of the Institute is not observed in the List, then contact to Regional Office or DTE Office.
  • The system shall send a mail to the User regarding successfull registration (check mail from helpdesk-aishe@nic.in). The instituts not in the list shall be be communicated to MHRD for updation and then the institutes shall be able to register.
  • The DTE, registered as STB/DTE-Office role, shall approve the institutes. The system shall send a mail to the User regarding successfull approval. Please check the mail regarding approval.
  • If the Adobe Reader X (10.1.1) or above is not available with the institute, please click here to download Adobe Reader 10. and install the Adobe Reader X (10.1.1).
  • The institutes should go through the Blank Formats provided in the Instruction Manual DCF-III.
  • Fill the Form Manually as per the guidelines.
  • The institute should click on Download e-Forms for the DCF-III under "Dwoanload e-Form" section , open the DCF III file in Adobe Reader 10 and fill the form (data entry). If the cursor is above the selection list item, the complete content of the item is hilighted. Do not convert the .pdf to .doc or any other format.
  • Click on "Check Form" to validate the data. If the data is correct, system shall prompt as "OK". The institute can modify the data after Checking by clicking on "Modify Button". Save the File.
  • Upload the Checked File. The system shall not allow to upload the un checked file. The DTE Admin can view the file uploaded by the Institute, please send by mail to verify the data filled. We shall acknowledge the mail and communicate back any difficiency.


Guidelines :

    Block 3A- BASIC INFORMATION The Name of the institute will appear automatically. The other details need to be filled carefully.
    • Faculty/School Name means Name of the Institute- May be kept blank. Name of the Departments/Centers need to be added. In case of Shift Programme- Append First Shift / Secod Shift after Department Name. ( Computer Engineering- Second Shift). These Department/Centers shall be have teaching staff / non teaching staff. The Common Departments shall be like Humanities, Science, Applied Mechanics, etc.
    • Regular Programmes Details is about the programmes in which students are enrolled. The Faculty/School Column can be Blank or that of the institute Name. This data is linked with the Enrolment of the students
    • Distance Programme Details- The details of the courses to be given.


    This data is to be filled for each department listed in BLOCK 3B item 1.
    • PWD- Persons with Disability
    • Other Minority means Christian, Sikh, Buddhist and Parsis
    • All the fields should be filled. The appropriate Remark can be selected if Category-wise data is not available, OBC data is not maintained or Minority Data is not maintained. The break up of the Total need to be filled carefully. If the data is not maintained, leave the required filled blank and not zero (0).
    Staff Type - Select the Staff Type as 'Non Teaching staff Excluding Librarian / Physical Education' or 'Library Staff' , 'Physical Education Staff'.

    Group - Select as 'Group A', 'Group B', 'Group C','Group D'
    • PWD- Persons with Disability
    • Other Minority means Christian, Sikh, Buddhist and Parsis
      All the fileds should be filled. The appropriate Remark can be selected if Category-wise data is not available, OBC data is not maintained or Minoirity Data is not maintained. The break up of the Total need to be filled carefully. If the data is not maintained, leave the required filled blank and not zero (0).
    This data is to be filled for each Department/Center listed in BLOCK 3B item 2 for all the years. If the programme is started new, then only first year data will be filled and remaining shall be zero (0)

    • The data of Regular courses of Final Year results are to be given. Please do not enter the results of other that final year. The data of Distance Mode is also to be given.


    • The Income and Expenditure for the Financial Year is to be given. The amount is to be given is '000 Rs means is Rupees Thousand.


    • Tick appropriate item.

    Block 3H- REMARKS

    • The institute is free to give appropriate remarks- It may be related to Results, Affiliation, Staff Data, data interpretation, etc. In case of OBC, the bifurcation of OBC as per Central Government need to be given as VJ/DT, NT-B, NT-C, NT-D, SBC for Staff and Students.


  • Sample Filled Data of 5223 Institute. The data is filled on sample basis to enable the institutes to fill the data pertaining to their institutes. Upload the .pdf file as it is after passing "Check Form".
  • The institute not listed found in the list while registation, DTE shall send the list of MHRD for including in the list and publish list of such institutes afer updation by MHRD.
  • The institute should register, get approval from DTE, download the DCF-III and fill it offline. Once the .pdf data is filled, check it and upload.
  • The data can be checked and after verification is can be modified, if mistake is observed in the data. The correct data can be re-uploaded.
  • If the Disciplines mentioned in Block 3 C item 2 are not reflected in Block 3D, Download the Fresh DCF-III and enter the data systematically. Please use Acrobat Reader 10 and above.
  • Block 3C - Designation - Lecturer , Lecturer (Selection Grade), Principal, etc. Grade Pay - 10000, 8000, etc. Sanctioned Strength - In case of Lecturer (Selection Grade), it can be 0 and for lecturer, it will be as per AICTE Norms. Selection Mode- In case of Lecturer (Selection Grade), it can be CAS and for lecturer it will be Direct. Other Backward Classes - means all the Reserved category candidates as per Central Government other than SC/ST. Total Column - The Total shall be calculated automatically. Remark Column : Select the remark - 'Category-wise data not maintained' if the SC/ST/OBC data is not maintained , 'OBC data not maintained' if the OBC data is not maintained, 'Minority data not maintained' if the Minority data is not maintained.
    If the exact designation is not available in the selection list of a designation, them select equivalent designation and fill the data. You can put remark.
  • Block 3F - The amounts should be entered in Rupees Thousands. Most of the institutes are entering amount is Rupees, instead of Rupees Thousand.
Last Date: 15 Dec 2011
Contact Details : Director, Technical Education, Maharashtra State, Mumbai (022)30233468 / 22644859
Dedicated email address to communicate with institutes regarding AISHE : statistics.dte@gmail.com. The institute can send the .pdf to the above email for their queries. After clicking the "Check Form", cursor is moved to the location where is data is not entered.
If the institute is not getting the approval, please send mail to statistics.dte@gmail.com containing the Name of the institute as it is available on the AISHE Portal. DTE shall send the .pdf of the concerned institute by mail.
In case of problem in entering values, send the .pdf as attachment to statistics.dte@gmail.com mentioning the exact problem faced. We will verify and reply back. Presently the institues are finding problem in entering the Enrlment Data in Block 3 D , which is not having all the disciplines entered in Black 3B(2).