Aadhaar Number (UID)
Update option for Aadhaar number of candidate is given to Institute in their login.Institute has to Update the Aadhaar number of candidate and inform to the candidate for linking with their Bank account.

Disbursement of Scholarship-2014-15
MCM-Scholarship transfer directlly by Central Government in candidates valid Aadhaar /Bank details.And SGS-Scholarship is transfer through Directorate of Technical Education in candidates vaild Aadhaar/Bank details.

Helpline No.
Before calling on Helpline No.or Directorate office,Student/Institute has to refer the Online Status of his/her application Id.All details are (Selected /Rejected, Scholarship Transation succeed/failed with reason) available on website.

Use Browser
Use Internet Explorer

Minor-Major a/c in bank.
At the time of opening of the bank a/c,if the candidate is Minor(below 18 year) and now the candidate is Major(above 18 year),contact to bank for necessary changes if still a/c is minor in bank for E-transfer.

Candidate's Bank A/C no.
Check the Bank Name,IFSC code,Account No.if wrong correct it Online through Institute otherwise the scholarship amt. will not be E-transffered

For Merit cum Means based and for StateGovt.Scholarship-

LoginID(User Name) and Website for Institute.
LoginID(User Name) and Website for both the schemes i.e.Merit cum Means based scholarship(of GoI) and State Govt.scholarship (of Maharashtra Govt.) are different and for both schemes,User name(LoginId) and password are provided to that Institute whose name is in registered Institute List.

Renewal and Fresh scholarship.
The eligible candidate who has got one type of scholarship can apply as a RENEWAL for that type of scholarship only.Other candidate can apply as a FRESH scholarship.

Types of Scholarship schemes for Tech. and
Both types of Scholarship scheme i.e.Merit cum Means based scholarship and State Govt.Scholarship scheme are different one.One who has got one type of scholarship can't apply for Renewal in other scholarship,they can apply as a RENEWAL in same type of Scholarship.If want to apply in other type of scholarship, they can apply as a FRESH scholarship.

Forgot password
INSTITUTE that comes under DTE can give a password to candidate who has forgot their own password through INSTITUTE LOGIN and on clicking retrive password in a institute pannel.

IFSC Code in Bank Details
IFSC Code of bank branch is compulsory for Transferring of Scholarship Amount

In case of Joint Account
First name should be the name of the scholarship holder in bank in case of Joint account.

Opening of Bank A/C
The name on account should be match with the name as in application form submitted by the candidate for scholarship.

Address of Regional Offices of DTE
For address click on Regional Offices. Link: Scholarships/frmRegionalOffices.aspx


:: Important Notification For Merit cum Means Based Scholarship (MCM) of Government of India ::
1 Merit cum Means Scholarship Issued Letter to Institute Issued Letter to Institute for submission of Valid bank details of candidates for MCM-2013-14
2 Merit cum Means Scholarship Not submitted the valid account for MCM-2013-14, even after issued of letter dated-24.4.2015 to Inst Updated List of the Candidates,who has to submit the valid bank details through Institue letter to Directorate of Technical Education,Mumbai,So that the sanctioned Merit cum Means based Scholarship-2013-14 can be transffer in there account.
3 Merit cum Means Scholarship Operational Guidelines for Students Operational Guidelines for Students for Filling the Application form on "National Scholarship Poral"
4 Merit cum Means Scholarship Advertisement-MCM-2015-16 Advertisement for Accepting the Application form of Merit cum Means Based Scholarship-2015-16 through NATIONAL SCHOLARSHIP PORTAL of Government of India.

:: Important Notification For State Government Scholarship (SGS) of Maharashtra Government ::
Check your Application Status for SGS
 Application ID :      
 Academic Year :

Note : Before Filling Application Form / Transferring of Scholarship Amount by this office : Candidate has to Ensured that,
a. Name on account no. is same as per the candidate name in scholarship application form.
b. Bank account no. should not be stopped / closed before transferring the scholarship amount.
c. Bank account no. is operative.
d. Bank account no. has no any fixed credit limit (i.e. sanctioned scholarship amount can be permissible to credit in account ).
e. Bank account no. is not an NRI account /Loan account.
f. Bank account no. has no Minor /Major status issue. [ If candidate age is below 18 year (Minor) at the time of opening of the bank account and at the time of disbursement of scholarship amount age will above 18 year (Major) then account should be Major in bank (i.e. if age crossed 18 years ,candidate has to make status of account as Major in bank)]

It is Instructed to all concern Institute that institute has to provide all necessary assistance to the students and their parents for ensuring more effective implementation of the scheme.
:: Important Notification For State Government Scholarship (SGS) of Maharashtra Government ::
1 State Government Scholarship Selected Candidates List-SGS-2014-15 Institutewise List of Selected Candidates of State Government Scholarship for Minority Communities-2014-15
2 State Government Scholarship Aadhaar Card Number / Bank Account Number Letter for Seeding of Aadhaar Number with Bank Account Number
3 State Government Scholarship/Other Minorties Girls Hostel List of Hostels available for Minority Girls
4 State Government Scholarship Aadhaar Enrollment Centers in Maharashtra List of Aadhaar Enrollment Centers in Maharashtra

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