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Candidate Login
    Instructions :
  1. Candidate should enter correct Application Kit No. and Password.
  2. In case candidate forgets his/her password, he/she can retrieve password by using "Forgot your password". The candidate should enter correct email address and Mobile Number so that password will be sent to candidate through email and SMS.
  3. Candidate should not to disclose Application Kit No and Password to anyone for security purpose.
  4. The Candidate is advised to read the information brochure, instructions to fill the Application Form, fill the specimen copy of application form provided in Information Brochure so that it will be easy for candidate to fill the Online Application Form.
  5. The Candidate has to complete the Application Form in various stages as follows :
    1. Security Question and Answer (Mandatory to keep your login safe)
    2. Personal Details
    3. Upload Photo with signature (single image)

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